Travel Guide: Broome WA

Ahh, beautiful Broome.

I haven’t been everywhere in Australia yet, but so far Broome is my favourite.

From the moment we arrived there I fell in love. Incredible weather, turquoise water, red dirt, magnificent sunsets, and a feeling of total relaxation.

Top places to visit in Broome

Cable Beach

Of course! Cable Beach is one of those places you could just keep going back to. Endless amounts of white/golden sand, beautiful turquoise water, incredible sunsets, and the list goes on. Must do:

-Swim (only during the dry season because irukandji jellyfish come out in the wet season)

-Take a photo of the camels at sunset (iconic!)

-If you have a suitable vehicle, drive down on to the beach and grab a spot to set up some picnic blankets and have a few glasses of wine (especially during sunset)

-Hang out at Sunset Bar or on the grass over the road (both overlooking the beach)

Horizontal Falls

This is a little more on the expensive side but totally worth the splurge! You can either depart from Broome or Derby and can do a half day, full day or overnight stay (from memory). We drove to Derby and took a seaplane to reach the falls and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Streeters Jetty

I would recommend heading down at high tide so you can capture the full beauty of this place, otherwise the water wont look anywhere near as beautiful. I would also recommend wearing long sleeve clothing as the midges (or sandflies) can be a little troublesome as Jack discovered – and their bites really sting!

Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point is made up of beautiful orange and red rock formations and if you time it right with the tide you can even go out looking for dinosaur footprints. This is another great spot to settle in for sunset too!

I absolutely loved the vibe in Broome! There was such a mix of travelleres – from retirees, to families, to nomads and van-life explorers. If you’re heading to Broome, or have any other places to visit in Broome then leave a comment below!

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