2019 Travel Goals

I’m not really one for New Year Resolutions (mostly because I never stick to them) which is why I’m writing my goals in April. So here we go, my 2019 travel goals…

Overall Goal: Travel slowly

Travel slowly. I’m normally the type of person who is always rushing. Rushing to get to work on time, rushing to get the job done, rushing to get to the next place. Even when I’m travelling, it’s always a rush. Go to a cafe for breakfast, go and find a beach, head to the next beach, see the local sights and so on.

This year I want to travel slower. Stay a little longer. Enjoy the moment a little more. Rather than try and fit everything in and see every single place in the area, I want to choose the things I REALLY want to see and take my time to see them.

I want to laze around on the beach all day, go for long hikes, sit and watch the sunset with a glass of wine. I just want to slow down. I don’t want to see 10 countries in 3 days, or quickly take a photo at the Eiffel Tower just to say I’ve been there, without actually experiencing it.

Travelling shouldn’t be a race.

Country I’d like to visit: Australia

Honestly, this year I just want to see more of my homeland, Australia. We have so many incredible places right in our backyard. I remember growing up through school and I had my sights set on travelling the world (I still do) and I would say I didn’t care about travelling Australia. What was I thinking?!

City I’d like to visit: Darwin

Darwin. Without a doubt. I’ve been told it’s THE MOST laid back city and is a really fun place to visit. Plus it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. I haven’t decided when to go yet, some say the dry is best because you can explore more without worrying about rain and road closures. However, some say to go during the wet when everything is flowing and it’s at it’s most beautiful. Maybe I need to see it in each.

I’d love to hear about your 2019 travel goals. Do you plan to travel slowly? Or are you all about the race? Leave a comment below!

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  1. These are all such great goals to have! Well, I’m not that knowledgeable of Darwin, but the want to see more of your home country (which is one of my goals, too!) coupled with wanting to take it slower while travelling. I’m admittedly one who’s also pretty much a sprint runner when it comes to travelling, but I’ve been working hard to try and find the balance so that I can see as much as possible, but in a way that allows me to actually enjoy and take in what I’m seeing and doing instead of just rushing through it!

    – Laura // afinnontheloose.com

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